ShanghaiTech SIST Distinguished Lectures

本学期,上海科技大学信息学院将启动SIST卓越讲座系列 (ShanghaiTech SIST Distinguished Lecture Series) 。该系列讲座拟邀请信息科技领域的国际学术大咖做在线学术报告。SIST卓越讲座的开设致力于为师生搭建全球化的国际交流学术平台,就信息学科前沿动态、学术成果、行业前景等方面进行深入探讨,共促学科前沿发展。


January 14

Three-dimensional quantitative OptoAcoustic Tomography in preclinical and clinical research

Dr. Alexander A. Oraevsky 

TomoWave Laboratories

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March 5

Vision and Language: Past, Present, and Future

Prof. Jiebo Luo 

University of Rochester

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April 22

Modern Power Systems and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy

Clemson University

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April 27

Multigrid Methods for Computing Low-Rank Solutions to Parameter-Dependent Partial Differential Equations

Prof. Howard Elman

University of Maryland

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September 24

Edge-AI Meets Mission-critical Industrial Applications

Prof. Albert Y. Zomaya

University of Sydney

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October 28

Efficient and accurate structure preserving schemes for complex nonlinear systems

Prof. Jie Shen

Purdue University

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October 29

From SLAM to Spatial AI

Prof. Andrew Davison  

Imperial College London

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November 12

Big Data Analytics for Predicting, Managing and Mitigating Outages

Prof. Mladen Kezunovic 

Texas A&M University

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November 15

A Dynamic Neural Network Structure and its Application for Continuous Learning in an Open Environment

Prof. C. L. Philip Chen 

South China University of Technology

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November 19

Distributed Machine Learning over Wireless Channels

Prof. Deniz Gunduz 

Imperial College London

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November 26

Peripherals No More

Prof. Sam H. Noh 

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

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November 29

Toward Agile, Intelligent and Open-Source Design Automation of Digital/Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs

Prof. David Z. Pan 

The University of Texas at Austin  

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December 9

Navier-Stokes Existence and Uniqueness: How to Win a $1 Million Clay Prize

Prof. David Silvester 

University of Manchester

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December 17

Robot Operations in Uncontrolled Environments

Prof. Dinesh Manocha 

University of Maryland, College Park

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