Distinguished Colloquium 2023


ShanghaiTech SIST Distinguished Colloquium

上海科技大学信息学院SIST Distinguished Colloquium讲座系列旨在为师生搭建前沿学术交流平台,促进学科交叉融合发展。该讲座系列将不定期邀请信息科技领域知名专家、学者就前沿学术发展进行分享和交流, 给听众以思想启迪、学术熏陶。


February 9


Prof. Shouyi Yin

Tsinghua University

March 13

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers - their operation principles and some example applications

Prof. Steve Dixon

University of Warwick

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April 10

Unleashing the Power of Mobile Edge-Cloud Generative AI Services and AIGC Networks

Prof. Dusit Niyato

Nanyang Technological University

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May 23

Trustworthy and Collaborative AI through Federated Learning

Prof. Li Xiong

Emory University

Jun 23

Towards connected intelligence: Communication for AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Prof. Jun Zhang

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

July 3

Overview of EM & EDA Technology with Application in 5G/6G, Metamaterials and RCS

Ulrich Jakobus

Altair 全球高级副总裁, 首席科学家, IEEE Fellow, ACES Fellow

July 18

On the Design of High Gain Observers for Semi-Global Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems

Prof. Zongli Lin

University of Virginia.

September 25

Ethics and Etiquette :“Things you should know before submitting your next paper”

Prof. Alessandro Foi

Tampere University

September 26

Responding to reviews and managing the revision process

Prof. Alessandro Foi

Tampere University

December 1

Empowering Grids: Leveraging Networked Microgrids for a Sustainable, Greener, and Resilient Future

Prof. Mo-Yuen Chow

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

December 1

Trusted Decision-Making and Dependable Intelligence

Prof. Jin-Song Dong

National University of Singapore

December 5

Computer Vision: A Journey of Pursuing 3D World Understanding

Prof. Xiaoming Liu

Michigan State University

December 8

Learning Our 3D World with Neural Fields


National University of Singapore