Single Inverter Drive Method for Multi-coil Wireless Power Transfer System


Speaker:   Xiaoxuan Ji

Time:        13:30, Jun. 20th

Location:  SIST1A 200

Host:         Yufan Fu


Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) is widely used in consumer electronics, implantable medical devices, robotics and electric vehicles due to its non-contact energy transfer characteristics. Currently, theoretical research and commercial applications of single transmitter single-receiver wireless power transfer schemes have matured relatively. However, to enable simultaneous charging of multiple loads, provide larger charging areas, and offer users a more convenient charging process, there is an urgent need to advance research on multi-coil and their driving schemes. Existing multi-coil driving schemes mainly fall into two categories. First, adding detection circuits and additional switching devices to selectively drive the required coils. This scheme faces control difficulties and incurs higher device costs. Second, multiple coils are connected in series for synchronous driving, which leads to significant magnetic leakage and lower system design flexibility.

This talk focuses on the single inverter drive method of muti-coil wireless power transmission systems, aiming to better balance system efficiency, complexity, magnetic leakage, charging power and many other indicators.


Xiaoxuan Ji received her B.S. degree in automation from Central South University, Changsha, China, in 2021. She is currently working toward the M.S. degree in power electronics from ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China.

She joined Advanced Electric Power Conversion Laboratory in September, 2021. Her recent research interests include biomedical wireless power transfer.