Single Terminal Distance Relay of the Transmission Line Connected to Renewable Power


Speaker:   Yuhao Xie

Time:       14:00, May 17th

Location: SIST1C 101

Host:        Yu Liu


Renewable generation become an important part of the power system in recent years. Since the renewable power station is usually connected to the grid in the form of inverter-based resources (IBRs), its output characteristics during the fault period are more complicated. When the existing single-end distance protection is applied to the new energy transmission line, there will be a series of problems, including rejection and wrong selection. Therefore, the study of the single-end distance protection principle adapted to the station side of the transmission line is of great significance for improving the overall integrity of relay protection and maintaining the security of power system. This lecture will discuss the of distance protection of line connected to renewable power, to be compatible with your existing inverter-based resources control and structure.


Mr. Yuhao Xie joined PSPAL in March 2022. He is currently a master student in PSPAL (starting from September 2022). He received B.S. degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from ShanghaiTech University, in Summer 2022. His research interests include protection and fault location of transmission lines, especially in the presence of inverter-based resources.