Research of New Fault Location Methods in Power Network Based on Traveling Waves


Speaker:   Yun’an Xu

Time:        13:00, May 17th

Location: SIST1C 101

Host:        Yu Liu


When a fault occurs in a power network, the fault current propagates from the fault location to the end of the line in the form of traveling waves. The traveling wave fault information can be collected and the arrival time of wave front and speed of traveling wave are utilized to achieve accurate fault location. Compared with other fault location methods, the principle of traveling wave based method is relatively simple. It only needs the fault waveform within a short time after the fault occurs The high-frequency information of the fault waveform can be collected to achieve fault location.

In This talk, travelling wave based fault location methods are introduced. Firstly, with multi-point measurement, continuous wavelet transformation (CWT) is introduced to capture arrival time of travelling wavefronts and the location logic in complex power network is proposed. Secondly, with only local measurement, the relationship between the fault location and polarity, intensity and arrival time of traveling wave is deduced under different power network topologies. The fault location method under velocity uncertainty is proposed with such information.


Mr. Yun’an Xu received B.S. degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from ShanghaiTech University, in Summer 2021. He is currently working towards the M.S. in Electronics Science and Technology in ShanghaiTech University. His research interests include travelling wave based fault diagnosis methods in transmission lines.