Responding to reviews and managing the revision process


Speaker:  Alessandro Foi, Tampere University.

Time:       9:30-11:00, Sept 26th

Location: 1C 201, SIST

Host:        Xuming He




It is extremely rare (though not impossible) that a manuscript submitted to a top-tier journal gets accepted “as is” after the review of the original submission. Most often the manuscript goes through an iterative process, where editors interact with authors and reviewers with the goal of revising the manuscript to make it suitable for publication in the journal. The lecture discusses the manuscript revision process, highlighting the editorial perspective and the typical mistakes that authors make. Participants will learn how to manage and execute a productive and efficient revision, ultimately maximizing the chances that the revised manuscript will get accepted, and in fewer iterations.


Alessandro Foi received the M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, in 2001, the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the Politecnico di Milano in 2005, and the D.Sc.Tech. degree in Signal Processing from Tampere University of Technology, Finland, in 2007. He is a Professor of Signal Processing at Tampere University, Finland, and the Director of Tampere University Imaging Research Platform. His research interests include mathematical and statistical methods for signal processing, functional and harmonic analysis, and computational modeling of the human visual system. His work focuses on spatially adaptive (anisotropic, nonlocal) algorithms for the restoration and enhancement of digital images, on noise modeling for imaging devices, and on the optimal design of statistical transformations for the stabilization, normalization, and analysis of random data. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. He previously served as a Senior Area Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging and as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, the SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, and the IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.