Post-Moore Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit Center (PMICC)

  The Post-Moore Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit Center (PMICC) aims to promote the research and applications of the smart devices, circuits and systems. Our mission is to realize high energy-efficient computing for emerging applications, from the perspectives of fundamental research core techniques in physical principles, devices, circuits and systems. The center has ten full-time faculty members and a team of supporting researchers, exploring technologies ranging from cryogenic electronics, spintronics, semiconductor photonics, silicon piezoelectric hybrid MEMS transducers, wide bandage semiconductors, smart electronic design automation, customized system-on-chip, smart signal processing algorithms, reconfigurable computing, ultra-low voltage digital circuit design, and custom computing for robotics to smart vehicles and so on. The center has gradually built cross-scale, cross-disciplinary and universal technical platforms, such as a public clean room and a smart vehicle research platform to facilitate and upgrade various research and application areas, e.g. IoT, cloud computing, edge computing, robotics, and smart vehicle technologies. The center has also built in-depth collaborations with domestic foundry and design houses, as well as overseas companies and universities such as UC Berkeley. PMICC will serve as a pillar of ShanghaiTech's path to a top-notch research institute with high impacts in the area of microelectronics. We constantly devote ourselves to improving and developing the living conditions, economic development and scientific research in China.



Baile Chen


Fei Gao

Hybrid Imaging System Lab (HiSys Lab)

Yajun Ha

Reconfigurable and Intelligent Hardware Lab

Xufeng Kou

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory,
Semiconductor Materials Device Electrical Comprehensive Property Measurement Laboratory

Xin Lou

Xin Lou Group

Cheng Wang

Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Dynamics Group

Tao Wu

Shanghaitech Microsystem And non-Linear transducers Laboratory (SMALL)

Rui Zheng

Rui Zheng Group

Pingqiang Zhou

CAD Group

Xinbo Zou

GaNology Lab

Yi Zou

Yi Zou Group

Hao Ren

Hao Ren Group