Announcement for University of Pennsylvania and ShanghaiTech University Joint Summer Camp 2019

University of Pennsylvania in the United States and School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University will organize the first Summer Camp in August 2019, with the hopes of inspiring the middle school students’ interest and enthusiasm for Information Science and Technology, cultivating their ability to do scientific research creatively, and providing a campus platform for them to get a better understanding of the frontiers of information technology development at home and abroad.


The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is one of the top private universities in researching, a member of the eight Ivy League universities, and one of the fourteen founding members of the Association of American Universities which are the top academic alliances among the North American Universities. UPenn is well known for its rigorous academic atmosphere. It has gathered a large number of reputable experts and scholars, and has been ranked in the top ten universities in the United States over the years. UPenn is also committed to creating a diverse academic team, enrolling outstanding students from all over the world, 12% of whom are international students.


School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) is supported by the research platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which focuses on frontier research areas such as artificial intelligence, chips (including computer architecture, circuits and devices), virtual reality, robotics, big data, quantum communication and computing, cloud computing and fog computing, driverless vehicles, electric vehicles, new energy as well as intelligent medicine. SIST is devoted to gathering and cultivating academic masters of information science for the future, nurturing and uniting innovative talents and entrepreneurial leaders in information technology and relevant fields. SIST strives to achieve groundbreaking and cutting-edge innovations in key areas of information science and technology, and realize the rapid transformation and industrialization of new science and technologies. Its aim is to nurture and serve the international leading high-tech enterprises in the field of information and communication.


Notices of the Summer Camp Held by Pennsylvania University and ShanghaiTech University are announced as follows. Middle school students who are interested in Information Science and Technology are welcome.


I.Date of the Summer Camp:

August 19 – August 23, 2019


150 students will be expected.

III.Teaching Method:

The Summer Camp will consist of a one-week online pre-requisite course, a one-week training camp and follow-up online mentoring. During the training camp, a five-day fun course will be offered, with on-site lectures, group discussions, group assignments, project presentations as the main content, as well as commercial instructors on-site analysis of the commercialization and industrialization of AI. The theoretical learning and practice exercise closely combined in order to help potential students form a comprehensive understanding of the frontier development of artificial intelligence.






Aug. 19

Day 1. AI: Patterns, Sight and Sound


Prof. Jianbo Shi

Professor of   Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, former   Chair of the Graduate School of the University

Aug. 20

Day2. AI: Computer Vision

2. 人工智能:计算机视觉

Prof. Jianbo Shi

Professor of   Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, former   Chair of the Graduate School of the University

Aug. 21

Day3. AI: Deep Learning

3. 人工智能:深度学习

Prof. Jianbo Shi

Professor of Computer   and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, former Chair of   the Graduate School of the University

Aug. 22

Day4. VR

4. 虚拟现实

Prof. Jingyi Yu’ team

Prof. Yu is the Vice dean of School of Information Science and   Technology at ShanghaiTech University

Day4. Smart Material: Origami/Kirigami Engineering

4. 智能材料:折纸/剪纸工程

To be decided

Aug. 23

Day5. Demo Day



Day5.   How to Commercialize and Productize AI

5. 人工智能的商业化和产业化

Pengcheng Wang

Former Primavera Capital Group Managing Director, formerly at   Goldman Sachs Group, holding a master's degree from Harvard University, a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University

Xu Zhen
Investment Director of Cathay Capital, Master's degree from Cornell University, Bachelor's degree from Cambridge University

Lu Li

Executive Director of Primavera Capital Group, MBA from   Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor degree from   Columbia University



School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University (No.199 Huanke Road, Pudong District, Shanghai)

V.Application Requirements

1. Graduates of middle school, senior (2&3) high school students.

2. Excellent academic performance, good English proficiency and a strong interest in information technology and relevant disciplines.

VI.Application Process and Method

1. Application Period: May 30, 2019 – July 15, 2019

2. Application Website:

3. Charges: about 14,000RMB/student with lunches included

4. Announcement of Admission Results:

After selection, the qualified students will receive an enrollment notice by email in two weeks before the commencement of the project (Please pay attention to your personal mailboxes). Those who have not received the admission notice will not be notified separately.

5. Instructions for the Summer CampDetailed instructions for the Summer Camp will be formally noticed to all campers about one week before the commencement of the project (Please pay attention to your personal mailboxes). Admitted student should take the following materials for on-site registration. Please prepare them in advance.

(1)Original Transcript (with the school’s official seal);

(2) Notification of Safety ResponsibilityUpenn-SIST Notification.pdf (Please download the file and print it out.);

(3) (If any) A copy of identity card (Both sides of the ID card should be copied on a sheet of A4 paper) and the original ID card for verification;

(4) (If any) A copy of student identification card and the original student ID card for verification;

VIII.Other Instructions

During the summer camp, SIST will provide lunch and tea break services, all the campers should take the travel and accommodation by yourselves. Different amount of fellowship fundings will be offered to some excellent campers.



Coordinator of the Summer Camp held by University of Pennsylvania and ShanghaiTech University: Ms. Gao