Program Objectives

The purpose of this program is to provide students thorough and systematic training in electronic engineering, electrical engineering, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and systems, electrical power and energy systems, automation and control, or related disciplines. Additionally, the program promotes students in developing strong experimental and engineering skills. The style of teaching encourages academic independence, stressing the ability for students to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge in novel contexts and being able to acquire new knowledge as the situation demands. Graduates of this program will be scientifically and technologically innovative, have the ability to apply, transform and develop new technology, and be driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and scientific discovery. Finally, the program emphasizes a well-rounded education in a wide range of other domains, including a solid command of the natural sciences, strong foreign language abilities, literacy in the humanities, and above all a creative and scientific style of thinking and problem solving grounded in rigor.

Duration of Study and Degree Conferred

1. Duration of study 

Enrolled students typically undergo four years of study. Under special circumstances, the duration can be adjusted with approval of the university, but shall be not less than 3 years and not more than 6 years.

2. Conditions for Graduation and Awarding of Degree

3. Language requirements

Students must pass the English proficiency examination prescribed by the School.

4. Degree conferred

A Bachelor Degree in Engineering shall be granted after all degree requirements are met.

Program Credit Unit & Course Requirement

The degree program credit units are distributed among five categories:

1. General Education Courses - Social Science and Humanities (37 credits)

2. General Education Courses - Natural Science (37 credits)

3. Major Courses (56 credits)-Required Courses for Majors + Elective Courses for Majors

4. General Elective Courses (10 credits)

The detailed course list offered each academic year can be referred to