Shi Yuanming elected as IET Fellow

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Shi Yuanming, Associate Professor in SIST has been elected as a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).


Back row, fifth from right, is Associate Professor Shi Yuanming


IET is a multidisciplinary professional engineering institution based in London, with a current worldwide membership of over 158,000 in 153 countries. A large number of outstanding scholars have emerged among its members, making significant contributions to the scientific and technological progress of mankind. The IET Fellow is the highest academic honor of IET and is awarded to outstanding technical professionals who have demonstrated deep involvement and made important achievements in science, technology and engineering.


Shi Yuanming joined ShanghaiTech as an Assistant Professor in 2015 after completion of his Ph.D. study. He has been long engaged in the research of theory and method in intelligent network systems, and his research achievements have been widely recognized by academia and industry. He has won the First Prize in Natural Science, awarded by the Chinese Society of Electronics in 2022; the 2021 Outstanding Young Researcher Award by the IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific, the 2016 IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in wireless communications, and the 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award.


The election of Shi Yuanming as an IET Fellow demonstrates the increasing influence of ShanghaiTech’s young faculty in the field of communication. This is the reward for the huge efforts the university has invested in supporting the development of young faculty. Since its foundation, ShanghaiTech University has always regarded good faculty as the driving force behind the development of the university, and has provided broad opportunities for them to demonstrate themselves in teaching and research, therefore attracting a large number of high-level young talents to join and achieve top research results.