A Novel Class of Iteration Algorithm for Solving Constrained Tikhonov Regularization

Publisher:闻天明Release Time:2021-06-10Number of visits:10

Speaker:     Prof. Ning Zheng

Time:          Jun.11.2021 15:00-16:00

Location:    SIST 2-400

Host:            Prof. Yue Qiu


The solution of discrete ill-posed problems arises in many areas of science and engineering. Instead of solving the original problem, a regularized problem whose solution is less sensitive to the error in the data is considered. The regularized problem contains a fidelity term and a regularization term, and the balance between these terms is determined by a regularization parameter. In many applications, such as in image restoration, the desired solution is known to live in a convex set, such as the nonnegative orthant. It is natural to require the computed solution of the regularized problem to satisfy the same constraints. We propose a general modulus based iterative method for computing a constrained approximate solution with Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization. Convergence of the iterative method is shown, and numerical examples that illustrate the performance of the proposed method are presented.



SIST Seminar 202114