Equivalent Circuit Model for Inductive Power Transfer Systems Using Double-Sided LCC Compensation

Publisher:闻天明Release Time:2021-04-28Number of visits:10

Speaker:     Mr. Guangce Zheng

Time:          Apr.29.2021 14:00-16:00

Location:    SIST 1C 101

Host:            Prof. Minfan Fu



The double-sided LCC compensation is widely used in the inductive power transfer systems. However, there is no simple and accurate small-signal equivalent circuit model for this resonant converter. Based on the extended describing function method, this paper proposed a full-order (17th-order) equivalent circuit model to accurately predict the small-signal behaviors. For simplification, the full-order model is gradually simplified to a ninth-order model and finally to a fifth-order model. The input to output transfer function are analytically derived for the first time. Both simulation and experimental results are presented to justify the effectiveness of the model, and the model is accurate up to one-fifth of the switching frequency.



Guangce Zheng received the Bachelor degree of Electronic Science and Technology from ShanghaiTech University of School of Information Science and Technology, Shanghai, China in 2019. He is presently a graduate student in Advanced Electric Power Conversion Laboratory (AEPCL), SIST. His research interests include modeling for resonant converter and IPT system.


SIST Student Seminar