Prof. Andrea Goldsmith Visits SIST

On the morning of July 1st, 2015, AndreaGoldsmith, a professor from Stanford University, gave a talk named "TheRoad Ahead for Wireless Technology: Dreams and Challenges" to ShanghaiTechfaculty and students. In this talk, Professor Goldsmith introduced the prospectof novel wireless technologies, some of the innovations and breakthroughs thatare required to realize this vision.

First, Professor Goldsmith introducedthat wireless technology has enormous potential to change the way we live,work, and play. Future wireless networks will support Gigabit per secondmultimedia communication between people and devices with high reliability anduniform coverage indoors and out. Software will create a virtual wirelessnetwork cloud, enabling resource management, seamless connectivity, and roamingacross heterogeneous access networks, including WiFi and cellular systems.Wireless technology will also enable smart and energy-efficient homes andbuildings, automated highways and skyways, and in-body networks for analysisand treatment of medical conditions. The shortage of spectrum will bealleviated by advances in cognitive radios, and breakthrough energy-efficiencyalgorithms and hardware will be employed to make wireless systems green. But, there are manytechnical challenges that must be overcome in order to make this vision areality, Professor Goldsmith said.

At the end of the seminar, ProfessorGoldsmith answered many teachers and students' questions. After that, ProfessorGoldsmith received a SIST gift T-Shirt given by professor Ding Zhi, the viceDean of school of information science and technology. And professor writtendown the blessing to SIST on her book of "Wireless Communications".

Dr. Goldsmith served on the SteeringCommittee for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and haspreviously served as an editor for the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,the Journal on Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theoryand in Networks, the IEEE Transactions on Communications, and the IEEE WirelessCommunications Magazine. Dr. Goldsmith participates actively in committees andconference organization for the IEEE Information Theory and CommunicationsSocieties and has served on the Board of Governors for both societies. She hasbeen a Distinguished Lecturer for both societies, served as the President ofthe IEEE Information Theory Society in 2009, founded and chaired the studentcommittee of the IEEE Information Theory society, and currently chairs theEmerging Technology Committee and is a member of the Strategic PlanningCommittee in the IEEE Communications Society. At Stanford she received theinaugural University Postdoc Mentoring Award, served as Chair of its FacultySenate, and currently serves on its Faculty Senate and on its BudgetGroup.