Visual Intelligence Center (VIC)

The Visual Intelligence Center (VIC) aims to promote, coordinate, and support research and education in the interdisciplinary are that involves computer vision, artificially intelligence, virtual reality, computational imaging, computer graphics, and visual analytics.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV) are rapidly evolving fields where imaging, display and computational disciplines converge. They have been impacting fields including digital entertainment, security and surveillance, architectural design, traffic monitoring and control, biomedical imaging, biology, and education in general. VIC encompass the development and application of computational tools for the collection, analysis, management, and visualization of information sciences data, as well as modeling and simulation methods for studying the visual data to enable discovery and innovation.
The mission of VIC is to facilitate close collaborations among multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary researchers in computer science, information science, and imaging science and engineering. Our vision is to promote, coordinate, and support interdisciplinary research and education a broad range of areas. The aims are to

· Build top-notch facilities, e.g., a world-class capture studio, VR studio and classrooms, and self-contained labs (Computer Graphics, Fluid Simulation, Medical Imaging, etc), to foster cutting-edge, interdisciplinary, cross-school and inter-institutional research collaborations;

· Establish educational programs to train the next generation of researchers and professionals;

· Provide core computing infrastructure (e.g., GPU rendering farms and CPU modeling and simulation clusters) to meet the needs of the Shanghai research and education community.

AI and CV may well be one of the fastest-growing fields in the 21st century, according to many accredited scientific and industry reviews. With strong computational and engineering programs and comprehensive information sciences disciplines, VIC builds upon areas of strength and synergy, providing a rich research and educational environment at ShanghaiTech University. VIC will serve as a pillar of ShanghaiTech's path to a top-notch research institute in the world and become a world-class research center in the correlated areas.