Computer System Security Center (SSC)

   The Systems and Security Center (SSC) focuses on developing novel algorithms and platforms for increasing the efficiency, robustness and security of today's massive and highly interconnected computational, communications and control systems.Driven by the explosive growth in computing and storage needs from data science and autonomous systems, as well as transformational future technologies such as 5G and blockchains, our research solves problems at the forefront of parallel and distributed systems, supercomputing and advanced processor architectures, next generation storage and communication systems, wireless sensing and intelligent mobile systems, securing systems against design flaws and malicious attack, mathematically rigorous proofs of robustness, privacy and trust, and the holistic integration of these technologies using game theoretic mechanisms to ensure cooperation and mutual benefit.Through cross-disciplinary research, collaboration with national and international research institutions, as well as our leading role in multiple large scale national computing infrastructure projects, we aspire to not only advance the scientific and technological state of the art, but also promote innovation, economic growth and the betterment of society.



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