Research on Novel Fault Location and Protection Principle for MMC-HVDC Lines Considering Frequency Dependent Line parameter

Publisher:闻天明Release Time:2023-05-24Number of visits:10

Speaker:   Yuan Nie
Time:      14:00-15:00, May. 24
Location:   SIST 1C 101
Host:      Yu Liu


With the increasing demand for renewable energy, large-scale renewable energy sources are connected to the power grids. Modular multilevel converter based high voltage direct current (MMC-HVDC) grids have the advantages of low switching loss, high modularity and scalability. 
During the operation of HVDC grids, faults on the DC lines may sometimes occur. To prevent the power electronic devices from the large fault current and to minimize the power outage zone in the MMC-HVDC grid, the DC circuit breakers are required to trip the faulted line within several milliseconds. During this period, the electrical quantities on the line contain components within a wide range of frequencies. The abundant frequency components during faults will potentially influence the performance the frequency independent model based fault location and protection methods.
In this talk, two applications including the fault location and protection schemes for MMC-HVDC lines based on a frequency dependent line model are presented. This frequency dependent line model considers the fully distributed and frequency dependent line parameters. Compared to the existing model based fault location and protection methods, the proposed applications largely mitigate the frequency dependency of the line parameters, which results in more accurate fault location results, superior sensitivity and reliability in protective relay.

Mr. Yuan Nie received the B.S. of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering from Shanghaitech University, Shanghai, China, in 2021. He is currently working towards the M.S. in Electrical Engineering in Shanghaitech University. His research interests include transmission line protection, fault location and frequency dependent line modeling.