Kunyong Lv Senior Research Engineer
Kunyong Lv Senior Research Engineer
Tel:(021) 20685410
Office:Room 1B-204, SIST Building
Main Responsibilities
Minor Responsibility
Research Engineer Kunyong Lv

Tel:  (021) 20685410
Email: lvky@@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Office: Room 1B-204, SIST Building

Main Responsibility

1.Responsible for the management and maintenance of the facilities in Machine Shop, including high-precision 5-axis CNC machine, 3D printer, laser cutter and so on. Responsible for operation of the facilities, component making, environment safety and so on
2.Assist to draft the management regulations and standards of the Machine Shop
3.Support research projects, responsible for component design and prototyping
4.Support teaching activities, assist professors in the related courses
5.Responsible for the asset management, purchase of equipment and consumables
6.Other work assigned by the supervisors

Minor Responsibility

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