Center for Intelligent Power and Energy Systems (CiPES)

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In the field of power and energy systems, three critical paradigm shifts are revolutionizing human life:

  • power production is becoming cleaner and greener due to the deep penetration of renewable energies;

  • power generation, distribution, and utilization are getting more distributed and bidirectional;

  • transportation systems are getting more electrified and intelligent.

CiPES at ShanghaiTech aims to integrate the cutting-edge technologies including distributed microgrid, smart grid, plug-in electric vehicle, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, to comprehensively optimize the whole process of power generation, energy storage, power distribution, and utilization. CiPES will serve as a pillar of ShanghaiTech’s path to a world-class research university by cultivating top talents and pioneering the research in the field of power and energy systems. We continuously devote ourselves to promote low-carbon, intelligent, and highly reliable power and energy systems in China and world wide.