Professor Yu Liu’s research group Attended IEEE PESGM 2019

IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM) 2019 was held in Atlanta, GA, United States, from Aug 4 to Aug 8. PESGM is the most prestigious and the largest conference held by Power and Energy Society of IEEE. The theme of PESGM 2019 is ‘Expect Uncertainty, Prepare to Adapt’. Over 3200 researchers and engineers around the world in the area of power and energy attended the meeting.


Professor Liu Yu’s research group (CAPES) attended the conference and shared their latest research results. Mr. Wang Binglin presented his paper entitled ‘VSC-HVDC Transmission Line Protection Based on Dynamic State Estimation’. Mr. Lu Dayou shared his paper entitled ‘Three Phase Transmission Line Fault Location Based on the Generalized Bergeron Model’ and Ms. Li Yunting also presented her paper ‘Synchrophasor Calculation Algorithm Based on Robust State Estimation’. These research results are all completed in ShanghaiTech University, with students in the research group as the first authors and professor Liu Yu as the corresponding author. Through participating in the international top conference, students not only have a further understanding of the latest research trends, but also improve their abilities of exchanging the academic ideas and presenting the research results. The valuable experience will definitely benefit their career in the future.



                                                               Research group of Liu Yu in PESGM 2019                         Professor Liu Yu shows the poster


Lu Dayou shows the poster                                    Li Yunting shows the poster