Staff Jieting Zhang

Staff Jieting Zhang (Finance)

Tel:(021) 20684867
Office:Room 1A-205, SIST Building

Main Responsibility

1.Responsible for the school's finance affairs, including cooperating with the Office of Finance, coordinating budget declaration management, college revenue and expenditure statement management, college funds use records, college cost accounting, etc.

2.Learn and publicize the relevant financial system, assist the research groups and platforms to process the payment of funds, pre-audit the reimbursement of funds, provide periodic fund analysis reports, adjust the authorization of the system according to the leaders' instructions and participate in the business training and job rotation of the Finance Department

3.Regularly provide analysis reports on the use of funds of the research group, responsible for financial management of public teaching and research platforms, revenue and expenditure accounting, and provide funds management reports of public platforms

4.Includes the covering and rotations of the school's administrative staff

Minor Responsibility

Assets management and purchase

Cooperating departments:Office of Finance,Office of General Services, Property Management, etc