SIST Held the Second Young Scholar Forum Successfully

On July 4th, 2019, the second Young Scholar Forum, hosted by the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of ShanghaiTech University, came to a successful conclusion. The Second Young Scholar Forum optimized the interview process previously adopted in our first Young Scholar Forum, and aimed to bring together outstanding scholars overseas to build an academic exchange platform and to seek a path of cooperation and development. A total of 13 young scholars from world-renowned universities such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne), the University of Melbourne, Australia, McMaster University, and Kyoto University of Japan attended the forum.



Forum photo


Professor Yu Jingyi, the vice dean of SIST, hosted the opening ceremony on the morning of July 3rd at the SIST lecture hall. Professor Yin Jie, Vice President and Provost of ShanghaiTech University, gave a welcome speech. Yin Jie said that young scholars are the backbone of social progress and national development, and also an indispensable part of a reasonable and benign academic echelon building. He said ShanghaiTech University gives great importance to the cultivation and development of young scholars and we welcome young scholars to join and contribute to our University. Professor Yu Jingyi gave a detailed introduction of SIST from the perspectives of the school's mission, faculty team, research center, international exchange, and student employment. Professor Yu also expressed welcome to all young scholars.



Opening Ceremony


This young scholar forum lasted two days. After the opening ceremony on July 3rd, a presentation and academic discussion will be held according to different major branch.Thirteen young scholars made wonderful academic reports on artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, device fabrication, power system, mobile communication and other fields. The teachers and students present at this event also put forward their own opinions and had a constructive discussion on related issues.


Face-to-face talk was arranged on July 4th. It provided a platform for in-depth understanding between the two sides. Young Scholars can have a better understanding of the research progress in SIST, and the school, on the other hand, can understand the candidates comprehensively through direct communication.


The two-day event left a deep impression on the young scholars. They further understood ShanghaiTech’s mission and vision, and express their intention to strengthen academic exchanges and communication.