SIST adjunct professor Hu Honglin and his student attended the East China (Yangtze River Delta) Military-civilian Integration Technology Exhibition

On June 18-19, 2019, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute professor and SIST adjunct professor, Hu Honglin attended the 2019 East China (Yangtze River Delta) Military-civilian Integration Technology Exhibition with his doctoral student Wang Zhenyu. Their project Brain Machine Interface - Brain Controlled UAV jointly collaborated with Professor Luo Xiliang’s research group has aroused widespread attention.


In recent years, a kind of communication technology, Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology has emerged. It directly analyzes and decodes testees’ brain signal to achieve communication. As the brain-computer interface is not limited by the traditional “brain-muscle” control model, it could be used to assist disabled people communicate with the outside world. Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential (SSVEP) is a scalp potential signal generated when a subject gazes at a flickering target. By analyzing the measured signal, the flickering frequency and the spatial shape of the stimuli can be distinguished. Wang Zhenyu proposed an adaptive fusion technology based on the existing academic achievements in this field to extract both frequency and space information contained in the signal, so that the recognition accuracy of the target is further increased, and the communication rate of the SSVEP-based BCI has greatly increased. It is expected to boost the BCIs application in the near future. The “brain controlled drone” project exhibited at this exhibition is exactly based on this type of BCI technology.

The East China (Yangtze River Delta) Military-civilian Integration Technology Exhibition is sponsored by the Shanghai Military-civilian Integration Committee. It aims to build a high-tech exchange and cooperation platform for military and civilian through project collection, results exhibition, professional forum, special docking, etc. The exhibition has now become an important nationwide exhibition in Shanghai, leading the development of military and civilian integration technology industry in East China. At this year’s exhibition, a total of more than 100 enterprises and universities from all over the country participated in and demonstrated their research achievements.