SIST held the 2019 Degree Conferral Ceremony

In the afternoon of June 29th, the 2019 SIST degree conferral ceremony was held in the lecture hall of ShanghaiTech University. The ceremony was attended by important academic leaders, such as Prof. Gong Huixing, Prof. Yu Yuehui, Prof. Li Guotong, Prof. Wei Jianming, Prof. Mathieu Desbrun, Deputy Dean Yu Jingyi and Zhou Yu. SIST Faculty and graduates’ parents attended the ceremony as well. 175 graduates in total gathered together to celebrate the ceremony with excitement and joy.


Degree Conferral Ceremony


Yu Jingyi, deputy dean of SIST, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the 2019 graduates. He hopes the graduates learn to succeed by having the courage to take new challenges, and in special the maturity to face failure and to learn from it. He quoted Apple CEO Tim Cook’s saying at the Stanford University graduation ceremony in 2019 “If you want to take credit, first learn to take responsibility”, Prof. Yu hopes students will put in practice a sense of social responsibility, and he is confident that they will adhere to their professional ethics in their future life. The most important thing is to choose to be tolerant and kind to others.

                           Professor Yu delivers speech


Prof. Mathieu Desbrun from the Department of Computing and Mathematics at California Institute of Technology (CalTech) expressed his pleasure to witness the 2019 SIST degree conferral ceremony. He congratulated graduates on their successful completion of their academic career and entered a new journey. He pointed out that the main skill acquired in university should be to learn how to learn, a primal skill that will scaffold graduates when presented with new problems, and that will be required throughout their lives.


Professor Mathieu Desbrun delivers a speech


As the graduates were called to the stage, they took firm steps and headed to the platform to be greeted by the Deputy Dean Yu Jingyi and to receive their diploma.



Professor Yu award diplomas to graduates. Nine professors in a group to take photos with our graduates.


 Prof. Li Guotong and Prof. Yu Jingyi award diplomas and take pictures with graduates.


Prof. Wei Jianming and Prof. Yu Jingyi award diplomas and take pictures with graduates.

Prof. Gong Huixing and Prof. Yu Jingyi award diplomas and take pictures with graduates.


Prof. Yuan Xiaobin and Prof. Yu Jingyi award diplomas and take pictures with graduates


Outstanding graduate representatives Xie Zhiqiang, Li Yike and Jiang Yong shared their stories in the past years, expressed their heartfelt thanks to all the teachers for their unwearied teachings, to SIST for giving them the opportunity to go abroad for exchanges. They said that they would remember the good times in SIST and continue to strive for their new life. Alumnus Huang Zhengjia is currently studying at the Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. Today, he returned to school to attend the ceremony. He shared his postgraduate study with 2019 graduates as a senior and encourage the fellow students to maintain a high-spirited attitude and keep moving forward.



Outstanding graduate representatives deliver speeches


Dean Fang Hanming and Vice Dean Lu Ding, from the School of Entrepreneurship and Management, awarded diplomas to 10 students whose Minor was Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and to 5 students whose Minor was Finance. Dean Fang expressed sincere wishes to the graduates and hoped the graduates would set sail for even higher challenges in their future.


Group photo with Prof. Fang Hanming and Professor Lu Ding


Lu Jie, teacher representative from SIST, expressed her congratulations to the students. Professor Lu also gave special words to the girls in our school to adhere to their favorite career and believe in their own strength. You are better than you think.


Professor Lu delivers speech


At the end of the ceremony, the graduates made special VCR to express their gratitude to all teachers and staffs in SIST. Students also invited Prof. Ding Zhi and Prof. Chen Hao, who were the first to participate in the construction of SIST, to record videos for the graduates and bring good wishes to them.


The Graduation Ceremony is not only to celebrate the end, but also to announce a new beginning; not only to commemorate completion, but also to look forward to progress. At this new starting point, SIST hopes graduates keep being responsible and conscientious of their acts, and that they continue to contribute to the technological and economic development of the country in the near future.