Professor Wang Xiong's group attended the 2019 ICMMT meeting and won the Best Student Paper Award

The 11th International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology (ICMMT) was held in Guangzhou, China from May 19 to 22, 2019. At the same time, the 2019 National Microwave and Millimeter Wave Annual Conference and the 6th International Wireless Symposium (IEEE MTT-S IWS) were held in Guangzhou as well. These high-level conferences attracted thousands of scholars worldwide. Professor WANG Xiong and three of his students (PhD student WANG Baosheng, master students ZHANG Dajun and LIN Zhansong) attended the conferences. They gave three talks presenting the recent progresses of the ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Imaging Laboratory. Among them, LIN Zhansong’s paper entitled “Detecting microwave orbital angular momentum by single-sensor imaging: a computational feasibility study” was categorized as an invited report to be presented at the session of Imaging Applications of Electromagnetics and Microwave.

Student paper competition was set up in the ICMMT, which attracted more than 200 students signed up for the contest but only 14 students were selected for the final round. Both WANG Baosheng and ZHANG Dajun were shortlisted for the final and presented their papers to all the referees and audience. After two hours of competition, WANG Baosheng's paper “Time-efficient thermoacoustic imaging with high resolution for a large sample: a simulation study” was awarded as the Best Student Paper.In this paper, a new compressed sensing thermoacoustic imaging method is proposed and then verified by simulation study using a big complicated sample. This method can effectively shorten the scan time of thermoacoustic imaging and maintain high imaging resolution. It is also expected to alleviate the time consumption problem of traditional TAI mechanism and reduce system cost in potential practical application scenarios. ZHANG Dajun 's paper Generation of broadband quasi-Bessel beams in sub-THz regime and applications in imaging won the honorable mention award.

The students were fortunate enough to listen to the reports and communicate with scholars and experts engaging in the research of microwave and millimeter wave from all over the world. The experience also broadened the horizon of the students and enhanced their enthusiasm for research.