SIST holds the First Young Scholars Forum

In order to further strengthen the construction of the talent team, increase the introduction of high-level talents, and build a benign, efficient, fair and equitable recruitment platform, the first Young Scholars Forum was held by the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of ShanghaiTech University on May 24-25, 2019. Nineteen young scholars from world-renowned universities such as the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Toronto, the IMEC in Belgium, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the National University of Singapore gathered together to discuss academics research and seek common development.


The Forum provided a platform for young scholars to draw from their outstanding academic background and exchange ideas on frontier and hot academic issues, while giving them an opportunity to know more about ShanghaiTech University. It was the hope of the university that in the near future these young talents overseas would contribute to China’s growth and choose SIST to be the place where they achieve their aspirations.


Professor Yu Jingyi, the Vice Dean of the SIST hosted the opening ceremony on the morning of the 24th. Professor Yin Jie, Vice President and Provost of ShanghaiTech University, gave a welcome speech. Yin Jie said that ShanghaiTech University is committed to building a small, high-level, international research and innovation university. We attach great importance to the cultivation and development of young scholars and we welcome young scholars to join and contribute our University. Professor Yu Jingyi gave a detailed introduction of SIST from the perspectives of the school's mission, faculty team, research center, international exchange, and student employment.



This young scholars forum includes academic reports and discussions, face-to-face talks and lab visits. Young scholars have made excellent reports on computing software and algorithms, network communication, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, device fabrication, nanoelectronics, etc. The audiences, including professors and students at SIST, gave their opinions on the above topics and had heated discussion on related issues. After discussion, young scholars visited the Laboratory including Visual Intelligence Center, the Fog Computing Laboratory, the Digital Fluid and Aircraft Research (FLARE) Laboratory, the Automation and Robotics Laboratory, the Nano Laboratory, and the Electron Microscope Center of the School of Physical Science and Technology. After the visit, these young scholars have a better understanding of the lab’s development and significance.



The two-day event left a deep impression on the young scholars. They further understood ShanghaiTech’s mission and vision, and express their intention to strengthen academic exchanges and communication.