Prof. Ron J. Patton, IEEE Life Fellow, Visited ShanghaiTech

 Prof. Ron J. Patton, IEEE Life Fellow, Senior Member of AIAA, and Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control, visited SIST, ShanghaiTech on Oct. 24, 2018. Prof. Ron J. Patton is presently a Chair Professor in Control & Intelligent Systems Engineering at Hull University, UK. Prof. Patton has made a substantial contribution during 35 years to the field of modelling and robust methods for FDI/FDD (fault detection and isolation/fault detection and diagnosis) and Fault-Tolerant Control (FTC) in dynamic systems. In the recent years, he focused on the robust multiple-model and de-centralized strategies for FDI/FDD & FTC and renewable energy, including load mitigation control for offshore wind turbines and wave to wire control of wave energy conversion. During his visit, Prof. Patton offered a seminar entitled “Modelling, Verification, Control and Co-Design of a Wave Energy Converter”, in which he shared his core idea on interdisciplinary co-design. After the talk, he visited the research labs in the Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (CAPES), SIST and made substantial exchange of research ideas with faculty members and students in the CAPES on mechatronic co-design and its control strategy, fault diagnosis in power systems, etc.