Distinguished Adjunct Prof. Jiang Liu / 刘江 特聘教授

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Distinguished Adjunct Prof. Jiang Liu / 刘江 特聘教授

Email: jimmyliujiang@@qq.com
Major: CS
Website: http://imed.nimte.ac.cn


  • MedicalImage Processing

  • ComputerVision

  • MachineLearning

  • BiomedicalEngineering


Graduated from University of Science and Technology China with a Computer Science Bachelor Degree in 1988, Master of Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science from National University of Singapore. Joined Chinese Academy of Sciences through “1000 Talent Program” in 2016.  
During the 27 years in Singapore, conducted both industrial and academic research. Established the Intelligent Medical Imaging Department (iMED) in A*STAR (Agency of Science Technology and Research), was the PIs and Co-PIs of 18 National academic research competitive grants, totaling 22Million Singapore Dollar (about 17Million US dollars) in Intelligent Medical Technology and Healthcare area. Have served many years in IEEE EMBS (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society) society, and was the 2014 chairman of the IEEE EMBS society of Singapore.
Played a major role in the establishment of a new institute focusing on biomedical Engineering in Ningbo with support from government and Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Signed an agreement with the Singapore Eye Research Institute in February 2017 to jointly conduct ocular imaging research, along with another agreement with Singapore National Health Group signed in Ningbo in April 2017. Under this agreement, to jointly conduct medical technology research as well as explore translational and clinical research in China and Singapore. Set up a new joint laboratory with world leading ophthalmological equipment manufacture TOPCON Inc. in China focusing on new research areas such as advanced ocular medical equipment manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence based Chinese “big” medical image and data research.


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