SNL Senior Engineer Weizheng Fang

SNL Senior Engineer Weizheng Fang

Tel:  (021) 20685363
Office: Room 1C-203A, SIST Building

Main Responsibility

1.Responsible for the formation of the overall planning of Public Scientific Research Platform in clean room(PSRPCR)fundamental facilities
2.Responsible for the establishment of PSRPCR technical service team;
3.The establishment of regulations and security measures of PSRPCR, responsible for the daily management of laboratory work;
4.Assist in planning and formulation of relevant experimental courses in PSRPCR as an education platform responsible for the planning, design, development and implementation.
5.Overall planning of PSRPCR to undertake research projects and foreign cooperation
6.Responsible for the overall operation and budget management of public platform of clean room

Minor Responsibility

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