Senior Lithography Process Engineer Liangxing Wang

Senior Lithography Process Engineer Liangxing Wang

Tel:  (021) 20685354
Office: Room 1B-206, SIST Building

Main Responsibility

1. Responsible for the skilled use of the experimental equipment, instruments and facilities in the clean-room platform, including but not limited to E-bean Lithography, Stepper Lithography, Electron Microscope, Spinner, Wet Bench;
2. Responsible for making and improving the lithography process specifications (exposure, coating, development, hard baking, and so on), and researching on the influence of process parameters on experimental results;
3. In charge of designing and formulating the optimization scheme of lithography processes, expanding the process window, improving the technological capability, and training new engineers or technicians;
4. Responsible for implementing and completing lithography processes in the scientific research projects of the University and outsourcing projects;
5. Responsible for daily lithography issues, the analysis reports and the relevant documents;
6. Responsible for the purchase, operation and management of lithography equipment and instruments;
7. Guide the users to operate the lithography equipment and instruments; 8. Assist to make the experimental curriculum plans for semiconductor device manufacturing.

Minor Responsibility

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