An undergraduate Cao Qi contributes to the ECCE-Asia as the first author

      Recently, an undergraduate student of SIST, QiCao has published a paper as the firstauthor on ECCE-Asia (Paper title: WideVoltage Gain Range LLC DC/DC Topologies: State-of-the-Art) [1]. ECCE-Asia is the most prestigiousconference in power electronics area in Asia.

      Having joined in Professor Haoyu Wang’s PowerElectronics and Renewable Energy Lab (PEARL) for about one year, Qi Cao read a large volume of papers and completed a comprehensive overviewon principle, design, and applications of LLC resonant converters. Based onthis work, he wrote a high-quality review paper andget it accepted by ECCE-Asia. Moreover, he has published a related paper as thethird author on IEEE Transactions onPower Electronics (the best journal in power electronics) [2].

     QiCao’s research achievements in his undergraduate owe to Professor Wang’sguidance, graduate students (Zhiqing Li, Ming Shang) help and his individual efforts. Besides, it’s alsorelated to the good research atmosphere and favorable research conditionprovided by ShanghaiTech. For those who havea strong interest in research, professors can provide enough resources andguidance. We hope that more undergraduates will participate in researchprojects and obtain great success.

[1] Q. Cao, Z. Li, and H. Wang*, "Widevoltage gain range LLC dc/dc topologies: state-of-the-art," in Proc.International Power Electronics Conference (ECCE Asia), Niigata, Japan, May2018.

[2] M. Shang, H. Wang*, and Q. Cao,"Reconfigurable LLC topology with squeezed frequency span for high-voltagebus-based photovoltaic systems," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol. 33, no. 5, pp. 3688-3692, May 2018.

Author    QI CAO