A sophomore student from SIST contributes to the EMBC as first author

      Recently, a sophomore undergraduate, Zhi Tu’s paper (as first author) has been accepted by the IEEE EMBC (Paper title: Pattern-learning-based noise eliminationalgorithm in photoacoustic sensing and imaging). Therefore, he will travel to Hawaii to attend the meeting in July this year in order to make an oralpresentation for his paper. To everyone’s surprise, it has been only one semester since he joined Professor Fei Gao’s Hybrid Imaging System Laboratory. With the guidance of Fei Gao and help of the graduate students in Fei Gao’sgroup, Zhi Tu has made a small step in the scientific research. Certainly, suchachievement is related to his individual efforts closely.

      At the same time, we hope that more undergraduate students will participate actively in their professors’ laboratories and obtain great success in scientific research projects.

      EMBC is short for Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, which is the most prestigious and largest conference under IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Author   Fei Gao