SIST Held The 2017 Chinese Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems

      On26 Dec 2017, the multi-agent systems research group of Prof. Dengji Zhao (from theSchool of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech) successfully organizedThe 2017 Chinese Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems specialized on the theme of“multi-agent learning and game theory”.

      Thegoal of the workshop was to offer a platform for researchers (especially fromChina) to exchange their latest research findings in multi-agent systems. Theworkshop invited twelve well-known researchers in the field, including Prof.Yang Gao, Prof. Chongjun Wang from Nanjing University and Prof. Pinyan Lu fromShanghai University of Finance and Economics, to delivery very high qualitytechnical talks.

      Theinvited talks well covered the topics of multi-agent learning, game theory,mechanism design etc. which are the most active research directions in thefield. The workshop attracted around 200 attendees from China, and another 400+people participated online via our live stream.

      Multi-agentsystem is an important subfield of artificial intelligence (AI). It hastremendous achievements in last 15 years and it has been successfully appliedin e-commence, sharing economy, automated trading, security, driverless cars,smart manufacturing and smart cities.

Author  Rui Wang        

Photographer He Wang, Xiaoye Mo, Zhenyang Li