The ShanghaiTech Automation and Robotics Center (STAR Center)

The ShanghaiTech Automation and RoboticsCenter (STAR Center) is working on Intelligent Algorithms, Software and Systems for Advanced Research and Applications in Automation and Robotics ( It brings together faculty, students, visiting researchers and collaborators of many different backgrounds like Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Control and Optimization, Computer Vision, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and even Biology, Psychology and Economics. Its motto is Smart robots for a better future.


The core areas of the STAR Center are:


Applied Robotics, where we build, integrate and tune all necessary components to develop fully functional systems capable of solving real-world robotics and automation tasks.

Optimal, distributed and model predictive control, optimization and mathematical modeling in the context of automation and robotics.

Computer Vision, Perception, Object Recognition and Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Automation.

Online 3D mapping and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), offline 3D modeling and reconstruction as well as quality estimation for maps and models.


We are also working on machine learning, mechatronics, locomotion, Bio-inspired robotics and human-machine interaction.

The center features state of the art assets, including top-of-the-line sensors, robots and other hardware. The 1,700 square meters of the center feature PI and student offices,a conference room and space for 5 big research labs. Additionally we have access to the SIST machine shop with advanced manufacturing capabilities (e.g.5-axis CNC machine).



Thewebsite of the center can be found at: