Network Intelligence Center (NICE)

Informatization and intelligence are important develop directions of human society in the future. The most basic and urgent need of this society construction is the ubiquitous high-speed network access, IoE (Internet of Everything) and effective handling of network information. We will consider “platform, algorithm, information” as the main develop directions of NICE (Network Intelligence Center), deeply fusion with Communication, Computing and Control. We will also continuously research in the areas of transportation, memorization and massive information processing, as well as explore the intelligent networks and innovative applications.

We will focus on four key breakthroughs in the field of network science: 1) network communications: information theory, coding theory, optimization theory, network economics, intelligent Internet of Things, cloud computing and dense wireless networks; 2) network security: network security based on the theory of network information and quantum information; 3) network storage: cloud storage , cache-centric information central network; 4) network information processing: high-dimensional statistics, large-scale optimization, machine learning, social networks, graph signal processing.

We plan to build the four experimental system platforms: 1) massive MIMO communication signal processing platform; 2) heterogeneous network communication platform; 3) data Center Network Experimental Platform; 4) intelligent Internet of Things and Smart Data platform.