Prof. Stephen Boyd Draws Large Crowd at SIST Seminar

Prof. Stephen Boyd, Samsung Professor of Engineering, and a Professor ofElectrical Engineering at Stanford University,visited the School of Information Science and Technology at ShanghaiTechUniversity on November 8th and presented an exciting seminar on ConvexOptimization: From Real-Time Embedded to Large-Scale Distributed. Over 100graduated students and faculty members from ShanghaiTech, Southeast University and Shanghai University, enjoyed the high-quality seminar, which stimulatedmany productive discussions.  


Prof. Boyd’s talk focused on two extremes: real-time embedded convexoptimization, and distributed convex optimization. For the first one, codegeneration can be used to generate extremely efficient and reliable solvers forsmall problems, which can execute in milliseconds or microseconds, and areideal for embedding in real-time systems. At the other extreme, Prof. Boyeddescribed methods for large-scale distributed optimization, which coordinatemany solvers to solve large problems. Prof. Boyd’s talk is open, humorous,informative, and inspiring. The large crowd at the seminar includes faculty members from as for as Nanjing. In addition, the Audience was also treated with some aspiring insightson how toconduct high-quality research and how to become a real scholar.