Official Opening of Shanghaitech to First Wave of Students

296 young graduate students begantheir exciting ShanghaiTech career on September 3rd, 2013. Theinauguration ceremony was held in CAS Shanghai Pudong Science Park, withleaders and participants from Shanghai Municipality, CAS Shanghai Branch, CASresearch institutes, together with 12 Academicians and the faculty and staff ofShanghaiTech.

The ceremony adoptednon-traditional format to match this brand new university. Accompanied byslideshows, each school introduced their students one by one. Vice Major TiehuiWeng, Deputy Chief of the ShanghaiTech Preparation Work-Group, presented a lab notebookand a crystal key as symbols of truth searching spirit and pursuit ofknowledge. As a highlight of the event, participants were treated by an exaltingspeech from Prof. Mianheng Jiang, Head of the Preparation Work Group ofShanghaiTech and President of CAS Shanghai Branch.

Centering around the theme of“Chinese Dream”, Dr. Jiang said that China was adopting a strategy ofinnovation-driven development and transition to realize the dream and toaddress the challenges in future economic and social development, and theestablishment of ShanghaiTech was to serve this national strategy. He listedeleven cutting-edge technologies that could impact our future human life andglobal economic development: mobile internet, internet of things, cloudtechnology, advanced robotics, next-generation genomics, energy storage,advanced nanomaterials, 3D printing, renewable energy, generation IV Reactor,and multi-storied agriculture. ShanghaiTech will integrate technology andeducation and transform them into productivity.

Dr. Jiang encouraged the students to learn from individualslike Elon Musk (the American entrepreneur who started Space X and Tesla, andproposed the idea of Hyperloop), and develop the passion and competence forentrepreneurship to contribute to the development of society. Dr. Jiang alsomentioned the example of a previously obscure mathematician Yitang Zhang whorecently stunned the world by proving the “bounded gaps” conjecture about thedistribution of prime number after many years of anonymity and hard life, as anexample of commitment and perseverance in science.