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Visiting Professor: 5 person(s)

Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
Visiting Period:2018.5 -- 2018.8
Research Interests:
  • Music Information Retrieval

Organization: Fordham University
Visiting Period:2018.5 -- 2018.8
Research Interests:
  • Computational data analytics 
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Text mining and natural language processing 
  • Social network analysis 
  • Information security and privacy 

Organization: Pennsylvania State University
Visiting Period:2016.5 -- 2016.7
Research Interests:

  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing

Organization: Carnegie Mellon University
Visiting Period:2014.12 -- 2014.12
Research Interests:
  • Integrated circuit
  • Signal processing

Organization: Texas A&M University
Visiting Period:2013.7 -- 2014.7
Research Interests:
  • Big Data oriented Network Information Processing
  • Signal processing and communication for Smart Grid
  • Signal processing and communication for cognitive radios
  • Wireless communication networks
  • Signal processing and optimization for sensor networks
  • Multi-user information theory
  • Convex optimization
  • Design synergy of system protocols and hardware