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IT Engineer Jinlei Wang / 王金磊 IT工程师

Tel:  (021) 54201291
Office: Room 1B-304, SIST Building, No.393 Huaxia Middle Road, Pudong Area Shanghai

Main Responsibility

1.Building research platform and system for the Data Center
2.Building UAV platform and 3D reconstruction system
3.Building cloud platform and cloud storage system
4.Building and maintaining the system on HPC (high-performance server cluster)

Minor Responsibility

1.SIST information construction and IT supporting
2.SIST website development and maintenance
3.SIST HPC maintenance and management
4.SIST Conference system development and maintenance
5.SIST web server building, database maintenance, and website station group deployment

Remark (Supporter)

1.Peilin Cao
2.Zhiru Shi
3.Wenguang Ma