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Experimental Class Teacher Linyan Lu / 陆林燕 信息与通信工程实验课教师

Tel:  (021) 20685391
Office: Room 1B-204, SIST Building, No.393 Huaxia Middle Road, Pudong Area Shanghai

Main Responsibility

1. In charge of the planning and construction of communication teaching labs of SIST
2. Responsible for the lab teaching of undergraduates in communication direction, including Signal and System, Communication Fundamentals and Commination Networks
3. Responsible for the preparation of experimental syllabus and guidance. Following the development of teaching methods
4. Instruct TAs to organize the experimental data
5. In charge of the routine maintenance of the lab, including the purchase of equipment and consumables, the implementation of lab rules and regulations
6. In charge of the experimental demonstration, the preparation of lab teaching

Minor Responsibility

Remark (Supporter)