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ShanghaiTech Geek Pie Won Gold Award in Hackpic Games
Date: 2017/11/9             Browse: 636
      A team from ShanghaiTech University Geek Pie association, Lv Wentao, Zhou Yang, Xie Zhiqiang, Xia Yincen, has just won the gold award in a Hackathon competition held by KONE in its headquarter Kunshan, Jiangsu from Oct.27-28, 2017. 

     In this competition, the award-winning product from ShanghaiTech Geek Pie is named SeekingEye which supports visually impaired people with vision for indoor activities.  It not only shows the care and love for the physically challenged people in using modern technology facilities but also puts forward a new human-computer interaction idea. SeekingEye's appearance instantly aroused great attention from the judges and audience as it perfectly fit the competition theme, "Exploring the Digital User Experience and Service for the End Users in the Office Buildings".

                                                                                               Provided by Xia Yincen