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Computational Photography: From Lensless Camera to Virtual Reality with A Stop at Hyperspectral Imaging
Date: 2017/9/22             Browse: 464

Speaker:   Prof. Xin Yuan

Time:        Sept 22, 10:00 am -11:00 am

Location:  Room 1A-200, SIST Building

Inviter:     Prof. Yi Ma & Prof. Shenghua Gao


Computational photography is an emerging field with continuing advances in both theory and applications. Computational photography has led to diverse imaging applications, including two-dimensional images, videos, hyperspectral images, depth, x-ray, millimeter wave, polarization, microscopy and Terahertz imaging. In this talk, we will start from the lensless camera, and based on the space-time-spectrum tradeoff, introduce the underlying principle of spatial/video/spectral computational imaging. The imaging architectures of various computational cameras will be described. As a pivot role in computational imaging, reconstruction will be introduced too. Aiming to bridge the gap in virtual reality, compressive high-speed 3D imaging systems will be discussed.


袁鑫博士现任美国贝尔实验室视频分析与编码首席研究员(Lead Researcher)。袁鑫博士2009年在西安电子科技大学雷达信号处理重点实验室获得硕士学位后到香港理工大学攻读博士学位,20124月获取博士学位后到美国。博士期间研究方向为阵列信号处理。在加入贝尔实验室之前,从20125月到20153月,袁鑫博士在美国杜克大学电子与计算机系从事博士后研究。主要研究方向为压缩感知,图像处理,机器学习,计算机视觉等。袁鑫博士迄今共发表了35篇国际期刊文章和 30篇国际会议文章。袁鑫博士最近的工作“Image Translation for Single-shot Focal Tomography” ( Optica, with Patrick Llull, David Brady and Lawrence Carin)  Science Daily和多家媒体报道袁鑫博士有2篇会议文章获得了Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI) 最佳论文奖,受邀参加中美工程院组织的2017年中美工程前沿论坛(CAFOE),担任10余个国际顶级期刊的审稿人,包括IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, SIAM Journal on Imaging Science, Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Optics Express 等。

SIST-Seminar 17043