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ShanghaiTech Geekpie FPGA Makerspace performs well at Digilent Design Contest
Date: 2017/9/19             Browse: 726
      Digilent Design Contest was held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University from July 8th to 9th 2017. Three teams of undergraduate students participated in the DDC and one team got the third prize.
      The Digilent Design Contest is an international student hardware design competition open to all students who are passionate about electronics, digital design and electrical engineering in general. Chengwei Han, Jiayu He and Yang Zhou from  SIST finished a pair of ‘hand gesture recognition gloves’ to control other object remotely and received a general good evaluation from judges.

      Geekpie FPGA Makerspace is established this semester with University’s and Digilent’s help. Most of our members are still freshmen. So it is a delightful progress to win a prize against senior students in the contest. The contest provided valuable experience for the development of the FPGA MakerSpace.

                                                                                                         Author                Chengwei Han

                                                                                                         Photographer       Jiayu He