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Prof. Xiliang Luo’s Research Group Won “Excellent Paper Award” from IEEE ICUFN 2017
Date: 2017/7/10             Browse: 1001

       During the Ninth International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN), which was held in Milan, Italy, from July 4th to July 7th, the paper “DL CSI Acquisition and Feedback in FDD Massive MIMO via Path Aligning” from Prof. Xiliang Luo’s research group was selected by the technical program committee (TPC) to receive the “Excellent Paper Award”.

       ICUFN is co-organized by Korea Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS), IEEE Communication Society, and the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers (IEICE). The topics in 2017 ICUFN include next-generation information and networking solutions, big data and cloud, autonomous systems, and ubiquitous IoT.

       The TPC only selected 2 papers as “Excellent Paper Awards” from more than 200 accepted papers. The paper from Prof. Xiliang Luo’s research group proposed to align the downlink channel paths to facilitate the channel state information (CSI) acquisition and feedback in FDD massive MIMO systems. In a sense, this work paved the way for a scalable CSI feedback framework and can be utilized as a design philosophy for FDD massive MIMO in next-generation cellular networks.