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SIST Students won 1st prize in Hackathon
Date: 2017/6/23             Browse: 755

       16th June, 7 p.m. Focused on “Smarter tools, easier life”, iLab 2nd 49hours Hackathon was held in Wisdom Center with participants passion to start a business. iLab 2nd  49 hours Hackathon is held by iLab and supported by INESA, Xuhui District Government and Microsoft(China). With mentor teams to help competitors, 10 judges from different industries, the most competitive participants were chosen.

       Chen Zhengwei, VP of R&D Center of INESA,  Niu Hongxing, Technology VP of R&D Center of INESA, Tong Ming, CEO of Felio, Huan Xuan, VP of Auto Electronics of INESA, Xia Yiping, CTO & co-founder of Mobike, Fu Lijun, partner of Innovation Angel Funds, Shen Bing, partner of Jabband Capital,  Liu Hao, CTO of Microsoft(China), Trevor Owens, founder of Lean Startup Machine made up the judge team

       In this Hackathon, all 3 teams from ShanghaiTech won awards.

        VOX team have 5 team member: Zhou Yang, Jiang Chenyue and Xia Cenqing from SIST, ShanghaiTech, Pan Yuchong from UBC, Li Yiluo from UCSB. They built a creative product that redefined the sound, VOX. VOX visualizes sound information into flow chat. Even though they were the last road show team, team leader Zhou Yang was so energetic as if he was at WWDC or Google I/O. VOX received praise from both judges and audience and won the first prize.

       Team Screen++, made up by Rong Yuyang, Cai Jianxiong, Su Junyan, Hu Zhen and Shen Fanti from SIST, ShanghaiTech, designed a solution for multi screens. They noticed that people are having more and more screens nowadays so they decided to provide a software that “connects” all of the screens by sharing mice, keyboard and screens over devices to make users life easier. As they conquered most technical problems over all the teams, they won 3rd prize.

       The team I’m here involves Xiong Zhaoping from SLST, ShanghaiTech, and managers from companies outside the campus. They proposed an indoor navigation system based on photos instead of GPS. Such solution can be used widely in malls and won the 3rd prize for their technologies.