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Drexel University Senior Vice Provost Julie Mostov and BRAVE Group Visited SIST
Date: 2017/6/2             Browse: 915
      On the morning of June 2, Drexel University senior vice provost Julie Mostov and its Biologically-Inspired & Resource-Conserving Advanced Materials group(BRAVE)faculty representatives including Professor Goran Karapetrov, Professor Christopher Y. Li, Assistant Professor Lin Han, Ph.D. Candidate Chao Wang, and Ph.D. Candidate David Bruno Lioi visited SIST to attend a workshop which hosted by Assistant Professor Xufeng Kou. Assistant Professor Haoyu Wang (SIST), Assistant Professor Zhongkai Liu (SPST), and six graduate students including Shuai Zhang etc., also participated in the workshop.
      SIST professors and students not only introduced their respective research fields and research achievements but also had a pleasant communication with the visitors. Assistant Professor Haoyu Wang introduced the highly efficient and compact power electronics converters. Assistant Professor Xufeng Kou introduced the magnetic topological insulators and their hetero structures. Graduate student Shuai Zhang shared his experience of building a 3D printed experiment platform. 
      After the academic exchange, Ms. Julie Mostov and the others visited VR and Robotics Labs. The visitors also had a virtual reality experience in the VR center which impressed the visiting guests a lot.

                                                                                                             Author            Chao Wang

                                                                                                             Photographer   Xufeng Kou