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Offloading at the Network Edge
Date: 2017/5/31             Browse: 436
Speaker:  Xu Chen 
Time:       May 31, 15:00-16:00.
Location: Room 1C-502, SIST Building
Inviter:    Prof. Yang Yang
Fog computing is a new paradigm to leverage a multitude of collaborative end-user and/or near-user devices to carry out a substantial amount of communication and computation tasks. Along this line, in this talk we will present our recent studies on three different applications: 
(1)a distributed multi-user computation offloading algorithm for mobile-edge cloud computing in a multi-channel wireless environment; 
(2) a novel self-organized mobile crowdsourcing framework to exploit user workers at the mobile network edge for fulfilling quick and high-quality mobile tasks in real-time; 
(3) a socially-driven prefeteching mechanism that adopts the mobile-inference & edge-training architecture for reducing user’s mobile multimedia access delay. These results demonstrate the profound benefits enabled by Fog computing.

迄今在IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications、IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking、IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing、 IEEE INFOCOM、IEEE ICDCS、ACM MOBIHOC、 ACM MM等国际著名会议与权威期刊发表论文60余篇,并由国际知名出版社Springer出版科研专著2部。以第一作者身份获得CCFA类国际会议IEEE INFOCOM的最佳论文亚军奖、IEEE ICC最佳论文奖以及IEEE ISI的最佳论文荣誉提名奖。获邀担任国际知名SCI期刊IEEE Access Journal, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking副编辑,Springer Handbook of Cognitive Radio领域编辑, 以及国际期刊International Journal of Big Data Intelligence专刊编委。同时担任2017年度 IEEE WCNC无线网络分会主席,2015年度国际会议ISVC专区主席, 以及2014年度国际会议NetCoop大会宣传主席,并多次出任包括国际著名会议ACM MOBIHOC,IEEE INFOOCM, IEEE旗舰会议GLOBECOM、ICC、WCNC等大会技术程序委员会成员。