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The First Working Meeting of the Microelectronics Research Center Was held in SIST
Date: 2017/4/17             Browse: 641

      On the afternoon of March 24th, the first meeting of the Microelectronics Research Center was held at the A200 lecture hall of School of Information Science and Technology (SIST). Associate Dean & Director of Human Resource Department of ShanghaiTech University Jiang Ge, Associate Dean of SIST Zhou Yu, Zhou Pingqiang and the other 10 assistant professors from SIST, Dean of School of Entrepreneurship and Management (SEM)Professor Li Mei and Associate Professor Yang Lifeng (Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Zhaoxin Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. ), Fu Cheng(President of Shanghai Integrated Circuit R & D Center Co., Ltd.),Chen Shoufang (President of Shanghai Hua Li Microelectronics Co., Ltd. ),Lei Haibo and other 11 business representatives attended the meeting. Dr. Zhou Pingqiang hosted the meeting.

      At the meeting, Dr. Jiangge expressed warm welcome to the business guests, Associate Dean of SIST, Zhou Yu introduced the SIST’s great developments in recent years as well as the overall cooperation between the school and enterprises. Subsequently, Dr. Zhou Pingqiang introduced BDMC members and BDMC agreement’s main content about the micro-electronics disciplines, including construction goals, research team building, student training, international cooperation and exchanges etc. Professor Li Mei, Dean of SEM also introduced the high-end training courses offered by SEM. The enterprise representatives, Fu Cheng stated at the meeting, he introduced the development of trillion core enterprises and history of products, saying the university-enterprise cooperation with our school was carried out in some typical cases and achieved initial results. President Chen Shoujie shared ICRD's successful experience and good practices in carrying out university-enterprise cooperation. President Lei Haibo introduced the history of Huali Microelectronics Company and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on how to cultivate high-tech talents of integrated circuits from school and society, and the entry point of effective cooperation between enterprises and universities.

      Finally, the microelectronics research center members are clear about the follow-up work and the next step of the work plan.


                                                                                                               Provided by Ni Henan