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Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (CAPES)
Date: 2017/3/13             Browse: 469
Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (CAPES)

In the energy field, three critical paradigm shifts are revolutionizing human life: 

a) power generation, distribution and utilization are getting more distributed and bidirectional; 

b) power production is becoming cleaner, greener due to the deep penetration of renewable energies; 

c) transportation systems are getting more electrified and smarter.

CAPES at ShanghaiTech aims to integrate the cutting edge technologies including distributed mircogrid, smart grid, plug-in electric vehicle, internet of things, and big data; and to comprehensively optimize the whole process of power generation, energy storage, power distribution and utilization. 

Research projects in CAPES include but are not limited to: 

a) next generation power electronics technologies in distributed renewable power generation, storage, and conversion; 

b) smart self-powered wireless sensor networks enabled by environmental energy harvesting; 

c) radio frequency energy broadcasting and receiving; 

d) high performance fast conductive and inductive charging of plug-in electric vehicles; 

e) smart energy distribution systems based on big data analysis. 

Research labs affiliated to CAPES:

a) Power Electronics And Renewable energies Laboratory (PEARL) 
b) Mechatronics and Energy TransformAtion Laboratory (METAL)
c) Electromagnetic and Microwave Laboratory