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Post-Moore Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit Center
Date: 2017/3/13             Browse: 609
Post-Moore Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit Center:

The mission of the Post-Moore Devices and Integrated Circuit Center at ShanghaiTech is to become the home for the next-generation IC technologies by investigating lower-power and higher-performance innovations from the fundamental device physics to the computer architecture level. The Post-Moore Center currently has seven PIs, and their research areas include spintropics, semiconductor optoelectronics, microsystem and MEMS transducers, circuit design, electronic design automation (EDA), system-on-chip (SoC), and neuromorphic architecture. In the meanwhile, under close collaborations with local IC companies and UC-Berkeley, we aim to help launch another Renaissance for information science and technology.

Members and Groups:

Reconfigurable and Intelligent Hardware Lab

Optoelectronic Devices Laboratory

The Advanced Low-dimensional Electronics & Nano-science Team (TALENT)  

Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Dynamics Group

The CAD Group at ShanghaiTech University

The Shanghaitech Microsystem And non-Linear transducers Laboratory