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Club ACM held an invitational programming contest
Date: 2017/1/19             Browse: 969
      Recently, Club ACM held the Second Invitational Programming Contest & Tryouts for the University ACM-ICPC Team of Shanghaitech University. Students from five grades of undergraduate and graduate took part in this contest.

      The contest was held in the computer room of SIST. Two groups with different difficulties consists of this contest. The Junior group is relatively easy, which is for those who had taken courses like Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm; while the Senior group is challenging, because it is for participants who had taken part in NOI/NOIP or ACM-ICPC before. The contest lasted a whole day. The Junior group in the morning was about greedy, fast modular exponentiation, minimum spanning tree and planar convex hull. The Senior group in the afternoon was about extended Euclidean algorithm, XOR equations, binary search, shortest path, network flow, segment tree etc.
      Finally, Mei Jun from the first grade of graduate got the first rank of both the Junior group and the Senior group. Many freshmen also got good results although it was their first time. Club ACM would invite some participants to join the club and the University ACM-ICPC Team.

      Club ACM is a club full of students who love computer science, major in programming and love brainstorming. The club was founded two years ago. In the past two years, members of Club ACM have taken part in many regional contests of ACM-ICPC and invitational contests of other universities, given all students of ShanghaiTech lectures of programming and algorithm, played the role of teaching assistants in Introduction to Information Science and Technology and held many contests, which has been an influential club in ShanghaiTech.

                                                                                                                     Reporter  Yunzhe Yuan